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Laser Marker Apply

Laser marking machine applications in the automotive parts industry

Twirl laser developed for automotive parts traceability systems, including automotive parts, interior plastic parts, exhaust system and steel (VIN code marking), gearbox parts, tires ......
Application Note:
Twirl laser is mainly used in automobile, auto parts, motorcycle accessories fine marking, welding, cutting, improve work efficiency, and has been successfully applied to major car manufacturers.
Processing methods and typical applications:
Marking: auto parts marking, marking the car stereo buttons, car tag marking, seal cutting: cutting automotive interiors, stainless steel fittings Cutting
Welding: welding tubing, sensors welding, soldering airbag squib
Laser Marking: Marking engine connecting rod
Understand customer needs:
· To achieve the engine components (link) retrospective, need to integrate multiple laser marking workstation marking head
· Require special solutions, identify a high quality degree requirements
Marking technical solutions:
• Select laser marking machine, which has an integrated simple, compact size and excellent performance characteristics
Laser machine used in all high-precision components (laser light source, optical components, etc.) assembled to ensure high quality and high speed marking
Marking scheme benefits:
Adopt contains four laser marking head, marking workstation parts punched a two-dimensional code, but also to meet the requirements of high yield
· Rely on traceability systems in the harsh environment makes it possible to read the certification.
Scribing marking: Chassis VIN code marking
Understand customer needs:
• On three different models of the two regions using the same set of marking device automatically punched VIN code.
• Since marking workstation unattended operation, the program must include control marking and visual control system.
· Marking area: Chassis
Marking Technology:
Custom clamping system.
Read and Certification:
· Light source to illuminate the reading area, the software captures images captured marking photos.
· Data analysis / communication functions.
· Image control, shape and position of the last character. Set the alarm in case the character position offset
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