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Laser Cutting Apply

Laser cutting machine works

Laser cutting machine is used when the energy of the laser beam is irradiated to melt the material released from the surface and evaporated, coupled coaxially with the beam of high-pressure gas directly to the molten metal is removed, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. At its focal point of the laser spot material by exposure to high power density, the instantaneous vaporization of the material, together with the auxiliary cutting gas vaporized metal blown off, thereby cutting through the material into a small hole, with the movement of the laser head by movement trajectory, to achieve a variety of graphics cutting.
Product Features
A powerful software features: metal laser cutting machine CNC system has a wealth of software features and machine parameters, to meet the diverse requirements of laser cutting; good man-machine interface that allows the operator to select via the function keys to operate, easy to learn.

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3, the laser energy control
System can be individually controlled opening and closing the shutter, and through analog and PWM generator of energy of the laser is controlled to accommodate different cutting materials, thickness, velocity and gas, in order to achieve a uniform cutting, without scorching phenomena.
4, rapid pulse perforation
The system uses pulsed perforated perforated cutting manner so as to obtain high quality cuts avoid popping phenomenon. Meanwhile, in cooperation with the gas system, the system can achieve the kind of gas, switch and perforation time control pressure in order to achieve precise control of cutting.
5, Z-axis servo control with high precision sensor
System direct control over the height of the sensor by receiving an analog signal Z axis servo movement distance of the cutting head and the work surface constant, to ensure stable cutting quality.

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6, automatic corner deceleration
The system has automatic corner deceleration function, combined with laser energy to follow the model can effectively prevent excessive corner cutting, burning, improve the quality of cut from the details.

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7, the mechanical precision compensation
System with backlash and pitch error compensation function, improve the machining accuracy.
8, Gantry dual drive
    Machine take dual drive gantry structure can greatly improve the smoothness and rigidity of the machine, the machine for high
    Speed high-precision applications condition.
9, leapfrog function
    In order to improve cutting efficiency in the process of cutting the trajectory of a dry run designed for parabolic motion, and the traditional cutting usually "rectangular movement."


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