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Aluminum laser welding machine has those difficulty

Aluminum has a high specific strength, high specific molds and high fatigue strength and good fracture toughness and crack growth rate is lower, and also has excellent forming process and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, a wide range of welded structures and products.
Generally use traditional aluminum welding TIG welding or MIG welding process, but the main problem faced by the welding process allows greater heat input aluminum deformation, welding slow, low productivity. Due to the large welding deformation subsequent corrections tend to waste a lot of time and increased manufacturing costs, affecting the production efficiency and quality, and laser welding with high power density, low heat input welding, welding and weld heat-affected zone of small deformation and other characteristics, so that in the field of welding aluminum has received special attention.
Aluminum main difficulty lies in laser welding machine:
1, aluminum alloy of high initial reflectivity of the laser beam and its own high thermal conductivity, the aluminum alloy is not melted before the laser absorption rate is low, more difficult induced "holes" in.
2, aluminum ionization energy is low, the welding process and ease of PSII-induced plasma diffusion, making welding stability.
3, aluminum laser welding process prone to porosity and thermal cracking.
4, the welding process burning of alloying elements, the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy welded joints decreases.
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