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Piston bar

piston bar

piston bar

piston bar
size Φ18-Φ250 mm
length 3000mm / 600mm
material 45# DIN CK45 / JIS 45C
tolerance ISO f7
Chromium layer thickness 20αm (min)
Chromium layer hardness 850HV (min)
surface roughness Ra 0.2 αm (max)
straightness 0.2/1000mm
 Mechanical properties(ck45)

yield strength ≥320Mpa

Tensile strength ≥580Mpa

Extension degree ≥15%

 Supply condition
Hard chrome plated
high frequency induction hardening
Quenched and tempered
Quenched and tempered+high frequency induction hardening

Salt spray test

9 level 120hours

Quenching hardness 50-55HRC
Quenching part 1.7-2.5mm


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